Welcome to Stereoscope

Stereoscope is a website that lets people like you make personalized, secure and always accessible virtual reality spaces that help you relax and destress after work or the occasional long day.

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Spaces as Unique as You

Each space on Stereoscope is highly customizable. We don’t believe in generic, off-the-shelf experiences; we believe in delivering immersive, therapeutic experiences.

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Google Cardboard Compatible

Stereoscope provides easy to use vr spaces that are accessible right on your trusty mobile phone with or without Google Cardboard. Spaces will still look great without Cardboard, but they’ll look even better with it.

Relax in Privacy

We went to great lengths to ensure that no one can invade your privacy or spaces, in any way, shape or form. Oh and we’re never going to sell your info to make a buck.

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Ready to Start?

Making an account then your own personalized virtual reality space is easy and takes less than 2 minutes!